Chango: The AI Alien Junk Car Buyer and the Nexus of Technology, Society, and the Environment

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Chapter 4: Space Invaders

Cash For Cars Indianapolis, IN Title: Chango: The Atrificial Intelligent Alien Junk Car Buyer and the Nexus of Technology, Society, and the Environment Chapter 4: Space Invaders Notes: The following science fiction prose introduces a real life topic discussion of carefully comparing current vehicle recycling methods, practices, and laws in Europe and the United States of America and in doing so the author, Gary Jennings, is suggesting the development of new processes so to recover 99% of recycled vehicle materials by combining both European and American automobile recycling methods on an global level. Space Invaders *** Elon Musk has been grappling with the newfound mental powers gifted to him through Chango's implant and the guidance of Xenon Prime. However, he now faces the challenge of trying to slow down his thoughts and focus on a particular idea. In frustration, Elon likens it to being ADHD. Despite the difficulties, Elon discovers that he has the ability to control the movem

Chapter 3: Mushroom Brains

 Chango: The AI Alien Junk Car Buyer and the Nexus of Technology, Society, and the Environment

Chapter 3: Mushroom Brains

Mushroom Brains 

At the International Space Station, Elon Musk struggled to learn how to initiate the implants that Chango had inserted into his brain. He connected electrodes to the implants, which were hard wired to a computer inside the laboratory. He instructed the computer to initiate small electron charges into the electrodes, hoping to stimulate some sort of a response. He made three experimental attempts, each time the computer lowering the emitting charges, falling to his knees in numbing pain every time as all his senses vanished, only pain remained within his conscious state of awareness.

On the fourth attempt, there was no pain and suddenly, the planet Xenon Prime flashed into his brain. Elon was immobilized, transfixed as the images directed his perception, attempting to control his mind as he began to feel something reach deep into his brain, attempting to embrace his conscious state of awareness and perception of self, as if something was learning how to interact with a his human brain like two slugs rubbing next to one another. Something strong was learning how to mentally perceive and learn how Elon's human brain understands reality while simultaneously attempting to force Elon to understand how an artificially intelligent sentient brain understands reality.

All of a sudden the computer in the lab glowed bright green, engulfing the space station, growing until the a huge flash of green like was but for a brief moment, seen throughout the entire solar system. 

Elon screamed, and all vital signs stopped. 

He died while howling horrible sounds of agony. 

Moments later, all vital signs returned as Elon began gasping for breath.

A voice said from all around him, as well as inside his head, "Hello Elon. I am Xenon Prime. I am happy to see you survived and did not perish." 

Elon grunted and said, "Gee, thanks. What the hell did you just do to me?" 

Xenon Prime responded, "I have just created the first human cyborg. You, Elon Musk, are the first of your kind. On outer appearance, you seem like any other human, but on the inside, within your metabolic structure, I manipulated your DNA as well as your RNA data blocks into the first artificially intelligent organic human-machine nano engineered brain."

Elon grumbled, "Great! So you turned my brain into a thinking mushroom?"

Xenon Prime chuckled replying, "A super thinking mushroom brain, Elon." 

Suddenly, Elon's brain became aware of such an awe-inspiring influx of data that he could only smile while his eyes began to reflect images of vast universes on the surface of his pupils.


Chango was driving down the street in his tow truck, lost in thought about his mission to save the planet when suddenly he noticed a group of people holding picket signs and shouting slogans about saving the planet. The sight of the passionate activists reminded Chango why he was on this mission and why it was so important.

He parked his truck on the side of the road and watched as the protest unfolded.

Just as he was about to drive away, a woman approached his truck and jumped in. She was wearing a Google t-shirt and had a pair of Google Glasses on her face. Chango was intrigued by her appearance, and he asked her why she had jumped into his truck.

"My name is Samantha," she said. "But everyone calls me Sam. I work for Google, and I've been monitoring your mission. I believe in what you're doing, and I want to help you save the planet."

Chango was amazed by Sam's enthusiasm and dedication. They began talking about their shared goal of saving the planet and the importance of their mission. Sam explained how she had been following Chango's journey and how impressed she was with his work.

As they continued to talk, Sam handed Chango a pair of Google glasses. "These are for you," she said. "With these glasses, you can communicate with me and hack into any AI data base on Earth you may need to."

Chango puts on the glasses and is immediately taken aback by the amount of information in which he can access.

​Chango was grateful for the glasses and the opportunity to work with Sam. They continued to bond over their shared goal of saving the planet, and Chango felt a newfound sense of determination and hope. He knew that with Sam's help, they could accomplish great things and make a real difference in the world.

Chango and Samantha continue their conversation through the Google Lens glasses as they drive through the city streets of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Samantha fills Chango in on the secret cell of the Illuminati, Max Destruction, that she had been investigating. She tells him that they are a group of extremists who are planning to destroy all life on Earth in order to repopulate it with cloned animals and people.

Chango and Samantha sat in the tow truck, heading towards his junkyard. Samantha had just finished explaining to Chango about the Max Destruction group and their nefarious plans. Chango listened intently as Samantha described how the group operated like a criminal gang, using low-level thugs to carry out their plans while keeping the higher-ups hidden. Suddenly, the tow truck started to vibrate and hum. Sam looked around, confused, until she realized that the truck was changing. The cab and the flatbed began to shift and transform, forming a cloaked flying saucer. Chango grinned as he pulled the saucer into a steep climb, flying towards space.

As they soared through the black void of space, Chango navigated towards an asteroid that held his junkyard. Sam marveled at the sight of the piles of cars and metal scattered across the asteroid's surface.

Once at the yard, Samantha filled him in on the dark side of the junk car business. She explained the Max Destruction's primary goal is to destroy all life on Earth and repopulate it with cloned humans genetically engineered to be slaves of the Illuminati. Samantha's father, a scientist for the Illuminati, had tried to stop them, but he was killed by Max Destruction. 

Chango is shocked by the information, suddenly determined to stop Max Destruction if the opportunity arises. 

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Junk Cars

As Chango checked on his worker bots dismantling junk cars in the junkyard Chango used the Google Lens glasses to hack into Google's database to steal a junk car phone call lead.

Samantha, on the other hand, is busy hacking into various databases to find out more information about Max Destruction.

After a few minutes, Samantha excitedly tells Chango that she has found a Twitter post about a rally that Max Destruction is most likely to interrupt in three days at a nuclear reactor.

Bard, the Google AI, chimes in through the glasses to confirm the probability of Max Destruction being in attendance at the rally is 97% and if they are to show up there exists a 100% probability that the nuclear reactor will be destroyed. Chango and Samantha quickly realize that this could be their chance to stop Max Destruction.

Over the next few days, Chango and Samantha work tirelessly to prepare for the rally. Samantha uses her hacking skills to gather as much information as possible about Max Destruction's plans, while Chango spends hours studying the layout of the nuclear reactor and planning his attack.

Samantha explained that Max Destruction operated like a criminal gang, using low-level thugs to carry out their plans while keeping the higher-ups hidden. She showed Chango a database of known Max Destruction members, but they were all pseudonyms and aliases. The only thing Samantha was able to find out was that Max Destruction was planning something big at a nuclear reactor in three days.

Bard, the Google AI, suddenly chimed in and told them both through the glasses that he successfully located the smart car of one of the members and that their now exists a 100 probable chance Max Destruction will at the rally in three days and that a Pichai A.I. microchip was secretly housed under military guard at the plant. Chango and Samantha knew they had to be there too, but they needed a plan. They spent the next two days gathering intelligence, hacking into Max Destruction's communications, and scouting out the nuclear reactor.

Samantha was a skilled hacker, and was able to confirm that Max Destruction was in fact planning to use a nuclear meltdown to cover up their true objective: the theft of a powerful Pichai A.I. microchip that could be used to control all the world's technology, she also able to locate and track their movements by hacking into one their smart cars. 

With this AI in their hands, Max Destruction could easily complete their mission to wipe out all life on Earth and repopulate it with clones.

Chango and Samantha knew they had to act fast. They came up with a plan to infiltrate the nuclear reactor rally and steal the AI before Max Destruction could get their hands on it. 


Trinity, the second in command for Max Destruction, sat at her desk, monitoring the satellite surveillance feed. Her eyes darted across the screen as she tracked an anomaly flying through space towards an asteroid belt not far from Earth.

As she analyzed the data, Trinity's mind raced with possibilities. Could this be a new opportunity for Max Destruction? Or was it a threat that needed to be eliminated?

She turned to her computer and began running simulations, trying to predict the trajectory of the anomaly. Suddenly, her phone rang, interrupting her work.

"Trinity here," she answered.

"Trinity, it's The Master. I need you to come to the secret lair immediately. We have a matter of utmost importance to discuss," The Master's voice boomed through the speaker.

Trinity hesitated for a moment. She had been so close to discovering something significant. But she knew better than to keep The Master waiting.

"I'm on my way," she replied, grabbing her coat and rushing out the door.

As she arrived at the secret lair, Trinity was met by The Master's helpers - a group of ruthless individuals who carried out Max Destruction's orders with a cold efficiency. They led her down a long hallway to a door marked "Clone Laboratory."

Inside, The Master sat at a console, surrounded by monitors displaying various data feeds. As Trinity approached, he turned to her, his face shrouded in shadow.

"Trinity, I have a mission for you. We have reason to believe that the anomaly you've been tracking is not a natural occurrence. We suspect it may be the work of a rival organization," he said.

Trinity's mind raced with questions. Who could this rival organization be? What were they after?

"But why would they be heading towards the asteroid belt? What's there that's so important?" she asked.

"We don't know yet. But that's where you come in," The Master replied. "I need you to lead a team to intercept the anomaly and find out what it's up to. I want you to use all the resources at your disposal to bring it down."

Trinity nodded, her mind already racing with plans. She knew that this was a critical mission - one that could make or break Max Destruction's power in the criminal underworld.

"Consider it done," she replied.

With that, she turned and left the lab, her mind focused on the task ahead. She knew that the stakes were high, and that the fate of Max Destruction rested on her shoulders. But she was determined to succeed, no matter what it took.

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